Matilde Kshesinska
Matilde Kshesinska 1872 – 1971
Trained at the Imperial School, Graduated 1890. Prima ballerina assoluta first Russian Aurora and first Russian to perform 32 fouettes in Swan Lake. Danced with Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe in 1911. Taught in Paris.
Nicolai Legat
Nicolai Legat 1869 – 1937
A self caricature.

Twenty five years on the Maryinsky stage. From 1904 to 1914 teacher of the class of perfection.
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Anna Pavlova
Anna Pavlova 1881 – 1931

Trained at the Imperial Theatre school. Graduated in 1899. Danced her favourite ballet Giselle with
N. Legat. Had private lessons with Legat as well as his class of perfection.
“She inspired the love of dance in all who saw her, with her artistry”  N Legat.